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The two collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard from the act and the rewarding end.

Pyramid of Light Yu-Gi-Oh! A sparking pink ball of magic appeared at the end of her wand, which then shot at Mai, depleting her Life Points to 0.

After a few breaths, she opened her eyes again to see the Dark Magician Girl, still smiling her confident, ready-for-combat smile. Elf nude nail polish. Every night, Mai would watch herself undress down to her panties, something she herself admitted was a little strange. Dark magician girl naked. XXX Mai awoke with a start, and immediately knew something was wrong. Battle City Attack of the Giant Card!! XXX About an hour after Mai had fallen into slumber, she slowly woke up.

She could still feel her warm touch. Mai was looking at her vagina. Mai took out her hand from under her skirt, her fingers coated with her lover's juices. She put it on, turning it on in the process, and grabbed her Dark Magician Girl card off her desk. With one more step back, Mai was able to take a seat at the edge of her bed. American pie 2 naked. He'd been banned for starting such a ridiculous topic.

The length of the staff also seemed to take on a more rubbery composition, allowing for more flexibility for their play. Mai watched, and was a little surprised when her boots suddenly took themselves off her feet, and slowly floated towards the foot of her bed.

Her eager smile, and her bright green eyes. As most guys would know, the DMG hologram wears pink panties underneath her skirt, but not this one. She then gave her a sexy smile, with a little bit of her tongue out, and lowered her head into Mai's center.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Dark Magician Girl's face lit up, and she kissed Mai, both women tasting themselves as their tongues met. She took a step back, but again froze when the glow became a small ball, emerging from the card that slowly fell back atop the stack.

Dark Magician Girl slowly moved the staff in and out of Mai for a few seconds, grinning down at her, then moved her leg to cross over Mai's. Dark Magician Girl nodded, still smiling.

Maybe you should start taking off your clothes," she suggested naughtily. The way Dark Magician Girl entered her room through her card, explaining why she was able to see her vagina in hologram form. This took a moment to register in Mai's mind.

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She played with that breast, then moved on to the other to pleasure Mai there as well, continuing for a few moments. Xxx fuck dance. I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh! But Mai didn't care that she just lost. Confused at first, she came to the conclusion that the part where she'd seen her bottomless must have also been part of the dream.

Instead, her gaze was directed at a lower angle, at her chest. Mai sat up as Dark Magician Girl moved her other leg under Mai's, the staff inside both. About an hour after Mai had fallen into slumber, she slowly woke up. She turned on her laptop, and as it booted up, she opened a drawer in her desk, filled with all the rare cards she didn't play with.

Busty hentai tentacle bukkake. Mai laid back on her bed, and recalled the dream almost perfectly. She lifted her hand to touch her face, her real, warm face, and pulled her in for a kiss. She thought about what she wanted to search, wondering if it was worth it, but Mai wasn't one to change her mind so easily, and decided to go for it. Dark magician girl naked. Sexy girls in satin. Duel Monsters affected by " The Seal of Orichalcos ". In order to post a comment you have to be logged in.

She clicked on the thread starter's profile, hoping to be able to message him and ask him for more details, but saw that he'd been banned.

She thought of what had happened, and vivid images of her having sex with the Dark Magician Girl burst into her mind.

Interracial amateur wife black. Pyramid of Light Yu-Gi-Oh! Stairway to the Destined Duel. Dark Magician Girl's face lit up, and she kissed Mai, both women tasting themselves as their tongues met.

The two women kissed again, this time with loving passion. It was a thread on a forum devoted to Duel Monsters. Pornstar taylor hayes vivid. Black bbw big tits. I saw up her skirt, and saw her pussy. She got up and grabbed her Dark Magician Girl card from her drawer with her dry hand, and placed it on her Duel Disk. Porn vicki gunvalson nude. Mai scrolled down the page, checking out some responses.

Not a single piece of clothing was to be found on their bodies as they explored and played with one another. She took one last look over at the card on her desk, then went over to her bed, and slipped in, underneath the covers, before drifting off to sleep.

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The card, though, was only of her face and upper torso, not helping Mai with what she wanted to look at. Jeff long nude. Excited Aiko Aiko is excited to receive a hard pounding deep in her pussy.

With him in the Graveyard, Dark Magician Girl gains extra Attack Points, giving her just enough power to end this duel! Dark Magician Girl let out a small giggle. During the middle of the night, she finds herself playing host to an unexpected magical blonde guest, with comes with quite the proposition. They broke apart, and gazed into their eyes for a few seconds. Hot & nude photo At first, Mai wasn't quite sure what she meant, but then remembered the exposing Dark Magician Girl holograms.

World Championship Tournament Mature milf red lingerie. She looked at Dark Magician Girl with a sexy grin, then switched their positions, Mai on top, never having removed her finger from inside the magician.

Duel Links Add an image to this gallery. Dark magician girl naked. Mai reached out to grab it, but froze when the card suddenly began to float.

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