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Stories Poems Story Series. Sadie, a sophomore in highschool aspires to find the love of her life- and at the beginning of a new school Amanda did not know what was going on until she started being lifted into the air and tossed around. Claire sinclair nude video. Nicole locked the door to the locker room and it was only her and Amanda inside. Lesbian wrestling stories. We both moaned wantonly at the ecstatic feeling of our strong, sweaty limbs gradually fuse together, pressing as much naked skin as possible against each other, both feeling each and every smooth, coiling curve of the other pressing into hers.

After Amanda was dried off, Nicole dried herself off and then the two put on some clothes. Once in the bikini, my body shivered, as I realized this was ludicrous. The foreplay seemed to last for hours, and I soaked in every minute. So, from this position, what could I do?

Amanda stood up but could barely walk as she tried to circle around Nicole. She was expecting more of the same when Mickie sidled up to her before the much anticipated hair match. Teacher has lesbian sex. Discord, who had removed herself from Tara's lap, frowned at her new playmate as she vanished the bonds and chair and forced Tara to stand.

I went for a headlock, but she countered and got me down with a sort of bear hug coupling. She instantly leaped from the bed, scrabbling round nakedly, trying to find some clothes. But Discord kissed like that, demanding and yielding all at once. Breast smothering 4 per sec Dancing from foot to foot with the cold, she tested the water every few seconds before jumping back in a minute later, the water having heated up finally.

Our breathing was getting faster, impatient, both eager for more. The thing about this girl is that she seemed to know exactly what she was doing to guys as they passed by. Then for a while Tara and Madison double-teamed Mickie, keeping her constantly on her guard and not letting up. Nicole started to finger Amanda furiously and Amanda kicked her legs around and moaned.

She watched Tara's face as she breathed, closed eyes fluttering, light sheen of sweat, blush high in her cheeks, lips parted in an inviting fashion, and smiled at her handiwork. My name is Discord, and I am the Goddess of Chaos! Down in the training rooms? She got to her feet instantly, but there was no need. Tell us why Please tell us why you think this story should be removed. I was going to be one of those card girls walking around holding up signs announcing which round it was.

Excited murmurs ran through the audience, speculation running rampant. Standing at 6'2 and extremely well muscled, I took his lustful stare in stride, winking back at him and patting my own rock hard cock for effect. Rick and morty naked. As she worked it out, the realisation hit her.

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She was expecting more of the same when Mickie sidled up to her before the much anticipated hair match. Adult naked sex. A bell rang, a pitiful attempt to stop their cat fight, over and over again. I stammered, bewildered, "M-m-mistress? In a world filled She thrust hard, once, twice, three times and curled her fingers and Discord crashed over the edge with a keening cry as her body tensed and her vision briefly deserted her.

It took twenty minutes to get there alone! When Amanda was down, Nicole locked in a vicious leg lock on her leg which Amanda did not see coming.

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Creepy, maybe, but I was crazy attracted to the man. Yet, somehow, her arms around me brought out a sudden calmness in me, her aura soothing mine by her touch alone. We walked past an open door where I glanced inside and saw a girl in a vibrant pink dress on her knees between a another girl's legs. Lesbian wrestling stories. Recent Comments by Anonymous. I stood my ground as I countered, "Professor, I am not a lesbian. Realizing Shay must have copied off me I rationalized, "Shay must have cheated off me. She'd held her own against nearly every woman in the division.

Coconut McBean loves color and begins to feel sad that she isn't as bright and beaming as the world around her. Perfect tits net. When Discord disappeared this time she left Tara shaking. Dear Sofia A love letter from a woman telling her girlfriend what she loves about her.

Not just to pin each other on both shoulders, but to do so AND overcome her last ultimate defence and have her shuddering in ecstatic erotic submission.

She'd go into the ring as scheduled, win or lose her matches as scripted, and wander off again. She pulled them over her ankles, and stepped back to her feet, twirling them around her finger. Katie admired her ass for a second, before stepping forwards.

Our shirts were riding up and we both enjoyed the tingle of sweaty skin on skin as flat stomachs pressed so closely together each could feel the ridges of the other's abs. After some hot moments, we both returned our attention to the mat just to see the most obvious fuck-me eyes on a pinned girl who had her chin on the upper wrestler's breast.

Her wish was granted. On our third night there, we all decided to rent a boat for a kind of private, grownup booze cruise. Family posing nude. When Discord pulled away Tara felt bereft. Short stories for all of us who feel and love differently and beautifully. She cleared her throat and asked with some trepidation, "Where are we? Discord, who had removed herself from Tara's lap, frowned at her new playmate as she vanished the bonds and chair and forced Tara to stand. I'm merely a mistake.

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