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Prev 1 … Go to page. With that being said, I have always noticed that the number one factor when it comes to male attractiveness has been body fat percentage this affects your face too. Girls sexy legs pics. Naked dad bods. Being 6'4" definitely doesn't hurt, and its more like an expecting father bod, not full blown dad bod.

When I found out she was a mom, it made way more sense. And the data are fairly unequivocal about the types of guys that do the siring and they don't have 'dad bods', rather they express optimal levels of masculinity muscularity, low body fat, physical prowess, strength, etc. I get a fair amount of exercise. That's why a rule is don't talk about red pill outside of trp. They don't like dating guys they can't control once they're nearing the wall, but they're certainly down to fuck them.

Looks like they have about the same percentage. Control your reality and you control this bitch. This is very true, I developed a bit of a dad body when I was president because my status was high enough that no effort on my part was required to get laid.

From the article, "The dad bod is a nice balance between a beer gut and working out. Thin girl fucked hard. I'd say more than fit men. Status Not open for further replies. Good to be on the other side laughing at this, immune, rather than caught up in the vortex of bullshit.

In that day and moment, what they mean rings true. The skinny girls I've been with simply didn't care for huge muscles.

So I never look at being unplugged as a competitive advantage in the first place, it's about knowing and seeking the truth. Their SMV is high because of social status, and it gives them an advantage even for ripped non Greeks.

I stopped listening to anything anyone told me I should do since finding this sub. Of course it will breed a lot of blue pill bullshit. What really amazes me about this shit is that it really brings out the ignorance that people have towards working out.

May 8, at 6: That's up for you to decide There was a thread a while back on a discovery about how historically in some part of the world only the rich men had women harems and the poor were left to fight over the remaining women, with the very real threat of death if you slept with anyone in a rich man's harem.

He founded the academic journal 'Frontiers in Evolutionary Neuroscience'. So dad bod is like minus abs. But the ignorance is much more deeply rooted here.

The sagging tits and ass, the crows feet around her eyes, the thousand cock stare, the mom jeans 6 sizes larger than when you married her. Lesbian sex humiliation. Men came forward to talk about their own dad bods.

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Fuck it, I'm done with the Internet for the evening. Sexy xxx p. According to her she thought I was still attractive The weightlifting community and similar areas of the internet have been great at resisting the SJWs infiltration and programming, and all the shaming in the world by the cunts hasn't worked.

Show 25 25 50 All. And let's be honest, aren't we always talking about that. The worse is the females saying they like it. We Love The Dad Bod! Women have that magic. We know what we are getting into when he's got the same exact body type at the age of 22 that he's going to have at I was wondering what the attraction was and I had a similar idea as you but you really got the point across perfectly.

Nice girls don't care! I think this could be a legit trend. Did a quick search and thats what came up. Naked dad bods. I thought of putting it up here but here it is. A dad bod is short for being in horrible shape with a beer belly. Nude women in wrestling. Unfortunately, I don't know of any studies done on humans. That's because we've been conditioned to be warriors since the beginning of human civilization.

Though I think I find them cute because of their faces. A tiny little donut of fat around your navel does not a dad bod make. Prev 1 … Go to page. The more fat bitches there are, the more cruel cold rejection we can lay down for shits n gigs.

One day I woke up and started getting this subconscious desire to just start tossing iron around. And that dad bods were manlier. They tried to convince a generation of boys that what women really wanted was a dude who shared his feelings and was able to cry on her shoulder.

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Sure it might be that ripped gym rat, but if that were really the case don't you think more women would go after them even with the fact that a GDI comes at a considerably lower social status?

I didnt claim it as fact, just posted something that corroborated what i said, which turned out to be bullshit.

I'd say more than fit men.

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