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Damn she is stacked! Alicia Ann Lynch, a year-old from Michigan, tweeted a photo of herself dressed as a Boston Marathon bombing victim for Halloween. Amy lalonde nude. Trust me Im usually all for speaking your mind, brutal honesty, all that stuff, but this costume along with other things, like saying the N word, It strikes a sensitive chord with people.

I want to know what company fired her for freedom of speech and expression. Twitter has been fuming with rage after this photograph of a woman dressed up as a Boston Marathon bombing victim began making its rounds on the Interwebs: I just have to learn from it. Alicia ann lynch nude photos. Nobody is passing laws to silence you. We are all stupid at a certain point of our life.

A Michigan woman who sparked online rage when she dressed for Halloween as a Boston Marathon bombing victim is firing back at critics. Women are incapable of empathy for men. It should have never have been dragged out to this extent. Where are the dick photos of people dressed up of Trayvon Martin? But it was the rape threats that really got to her.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is an embarrassment. Then the inevitable followed: Yeah she could be mocked and get verbally scolded by people and what not, I completely agree. Milf lessons angel. She looked almost as good as the fake actors that played victims during the bombing. Your argument allows for the open disgust of gay couples or interracial couples simply because some people are not comfortable with that form of expression. Of course it would! Those poor people did not wear capes and pointed hats like Halloween costumes.

Did she lack common sense here? The following 1 user Likes HeyPete's post: People need to learn to control their actions and emotions. As a Bostonian, I can understand being offended, but death threats to her and her family??

Massive 5 alarm fire rips through row of stores in the Bronx Tech: In addition to a simple 'I'm sorry' tweet, she also said: Have you heard something about her being arrested and prosecuted? Threatening her and her family is not right, her parents are innocent by standers who probably wish they pulled out.

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You need a filter. Before you defend people who belittle victims, remember that these victims need to be defended too. Best nude beach videos. I dont understand it and I am a big fan of many of the same things you are. It is a costume, worn by a fairly inconsequential young lady, that was worn in an example of boneheaded bad taste.

It blows my mind that people are defending this moron. When you put it that way I guess it does seem a little ridiculous to get so upset about it. So, I fail to see how the company was adversely effected.

Sooo you think the survivors want to be mocked? Hell, if a tragedy was far enough in the past — the Titanic, for example — you can joke about it and not even get a dirty look of the stuck-up snobs who call for blood every time they get a little offended. This is an extension of free speech and should be protected without fear of having your voice suppressed.

Getting fired because of a halloween costume is ridiculous, and that firing was surely fueled by this mob mentality of acceptable self expression.

There is no freedom of speech anymore dude. To blindly condemn an action without any inquiry into why it was done or the reasoning behind it is quite dangerous.

Also Steve P, if your friends or family died in the Boston boming im pretty sure your comments would be different. Alicia ann lynch nude photos. Sexy girl gets raped porn. It was in extremely poor taste. Lynch has apologized multiple times on Twitter and to Buzzfeed for the inappropriate costume. I am truly sorry to anyone that I may have offended or hurt with this. If you mock someone you better be prepared for some outrage. Bitch is hot, that is all I care for. Her apology means nothing because she knew it was wrong before she dressed that way.

Her company also is known for employing a lot of terrible people. I am paying for what I thought was a simple joke. Sexy nude pix. Everyone involved in this story is an idiot—Lynch is an idiot and the people making death threats are idiots. I get it now. Her boss decided to fire her because she was not deemed to be worthwhile to hold on to. She has the right to express her 1st amendment but that only goes so far. Now think of all those people who were injured and their relatives and loved ones, do you find it so hard to believe that this costume was belittling and mocking to them?

I was the one in the wrong and I am paying for being insensitive. Those witches were real living people at one time and still have living relatives and died a worse death that the few here did.

Who I feel sorry for in all of this is her parents and her family.

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How many still walk around and listen to themselves getting mocked and ridiculed? Where does a girl like her get enough money to get one? If I went out, I might have capitalized on an ability to get in the close range of his arrest picture with makeup etc. People left voicemails threatening to slit Lynch's throat or rip her face off.

My sis works for Dept of Child and Fams in one of the most dangerous cities. Alicia ann lynch nude photos. Girl on girl pussy licking porn. Hot naked sexy pictures Is that your asinine way of a threat? Her pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola I never said she should be threatened.

No reason for her to boo-hoo. Those poor people did not wear capes and pointed hats like Halloween costumes. This is a case of stupidity and immaturity.

We need more black women like you in the community.

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